The driver's side wiper arm is loose

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  • How to Tighten. [Tip from Don Foster] If your wiper arm is loose, remove it (the nut is under the cap), clean off the metal chips from both the arm and the splined shaft, reinstall, and add Loctite Blue to the joint and stud. Then sock down the nut tight. Volvo recommends new nuts, but Loctite allows you to reuse the old ones.

    If your windshield wiper arm appears loose, you don’t have to replace it. If you look at the base of the arm, you’ll see that it attaches with a small nut. Simply put on a new nut and tightening it. You’ll be able to judge the looseness of the arm by comparing it with the other wiper arm. The main symptom will be if the windshield wiper arm isn’t clearing your windshield properly, but the blade appears fine.

  • Start by removing the black plugs covering the nuts at the base of each wiper arm. Next, you have to remove the wiper arm nuts. Getting the wiper arms off is the most difficult and frustrating part. After you remove the nut, you’ll find that the wiper blade arm is pressed onto the tapered splines of the wiper mechanism. You’ll probably have to use a mini-hub puller to free up the blade arm. Before you do this, put the nut back on the wiper arm shaft loosely, this will protect the threads from the hub puller. Be very careful, too much pressure from the hub puller could crack the wiper blade arm! Slowly adjust the hub puller, applying tension. Gently tap the top of the hub puller and at some point the wiper blade arm should pop loose! Using some Liquid Wrench will also help.

    Next, you have to remove the wiper arm. What I do is, I wiggle the wiper arm (red arrow) to remove it from the pivot shaft (yellow arrow). If you press on the wiper arm near the pivot it will loosen up. Then continue to wiggle it off. Be careful not to scratch the paint when the wiper arm comes loose.

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    I'll try what you suggested this weekend. I just tightened them with a socket wrench, and so far no problems. That's true, I suppose... better to have the wiper arms come loose than burn out the motor!

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The installation of the Support Bra was simple after getting the wiper arms loose. The plastic covers come off easily, and then it's just a 10mm nut holding the arm in place. Be careful when removing the arm, as 20 years can make them want to stay put. The Support Bra fits flat across the base of the windshield. Using the wiper lugs and the windshield washer spray nozzles as guides, center them in the holes provided. The area around the wiper lugs is very prone to rust, so this will protect and strengthen that area. The ends of the Support Bra have integrated support brackets for offroad lights or antennas. They also have holes predrilled and tapped to accept your side mirrors using the stock screws to secure them. Moving the mirrors will allow you to remove the doors and still keep the mirrors in place. I found it much easier to keep everything in place by using masking tape on both ends to ensure the plate stayed in place as I got ready to bolt it down. Ok, 'bolt it down' isn't exactly correct. ZOR includes a bag of self-tapping sheet metal screws to make the job easy. The holes are already drilled in the Support Bra, so using a cordless screwdriver it only took about five minutes to secure it in place. You can rivet into place also, but you have to supply the rivets. Remove the tape, replace the wiper arms, and you're done! The 'silver vein' powdercoating is a really nice touch. To seal the rust prone areas even more, you can use clear silicon behind the edges of the Support Bra to keep the moisture from hiding back there.