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  • So what is a brake caliper? Brake caliper is a parts inside our vehicle that have are quite essential or even very important to our vehicle as it is the essential parts that allow your vehicle to brake which means it has the function to automatically brake if needed.

    After we know about what is a brake calipers it will be wise for us to know about different types of brake calipers. Yes you hear that right, brake calipers have different types and mainly are divided into two different types which is the floating calipers and fixed calipers. The floating calipers is also known as the sliding calipers.

  • As we already know, there are many kinds of different parts in this world especially for engineering and also machine for the vehicle and one of them is brake caliper. Well for some of us who does not know about what is a brake caliper, it will sometimes be a burden especially when we are trying to repair our vehicle by ourselves.

    Additionally if the floating only have two pistons in maximum the fixed have more than two which is much more effective. And there you go all of the information about what is a brake calipers, hope it will give you some insight about your own vehicle.

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    Jenny calipers are sometimes called odd leg calipers, oddleg jennys or hermaphrodite calipers. 


    A jenny caliper works in a similar way to a compass. One end is set in a fixed location, and the other is used to scribe or measure. 


    They are used to draw a line a set distance from the edge of a part but are also useful for locating the centre of a workpiece.


    Jenny calipers are primarily used with parts made of metals such as steel, but can also be used with glass and hard plastics. 


    Oddleg calipers are a cross between a divider and an outside caliper, as they have one leg of each of these tools.  


    For more information, see our page: What is an outside caliper?


    Jenny calipers have either a spring joint or a firm joint.


    Some also have an adjustable point which increases the capacity of the tool. 


  • What Is a Caliper Used For?. Calipers are used to precisely measure linear distances. The common vernier caliper, developed by Pierre Vernier, a French mathematician and instrument inventor, is easy to use and read without additional scales or reference. Calipers have been in use for centuries, dating to the 6th century B.C.

Calipers are used to precisely measure linear distances