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I know the basics you just tell me what you like for me to do. There’s one act that keeps popping up in the recent accusations against these men: forcing a woman to watch them. In the privacy of our bedroom. How about, married couples masturbate because they’ve always enjoyed it and saw no reason to abandon it once they got married? sheesh. His total disregard for etiquette, the way he seemed to be doing it not for sexual pleasure, but angrily, as if out of revenge, as if trying to deface the building with his sperm.


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Watch how men masturbate. It’s too bad the researchers don’t seem to have included questions about libido in the study. Women who are having lots of sex, and feel sexually content, masturbate more, whereas men who feel sexually dissatisfied and are having less sex masturbate more. Seems like they like it to me. It is a good way to experience sexual pleasure and can be done throughout life.


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Does not want to be touched in a sexual sense. It’s in her humiliation. I guess my point is that i personally believe that a guy in love with someone of similar libido doesn’t really need to masturbate the same way that a single guy or one who has some issues in his relationship or with sexual frequency would.

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