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1. I just need to get those parts/clips and a 1jz flywheel. good news is I can still use my nice w58 clutch. - Thanks Bean
Valhalla 133 w/Clutch 5-8
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Valhalla 133 w/Clutch 5-8
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R154 and W58 clutch change/tranny removal First step is to put the car on jack stands

Competition Clutch 16085-1420 Stage 5 Sprung Sport Compact Clutch Kits

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  • So that would be a T-40 flywheel and pressure plate, with a W58 clutch plate? This is tempting. I still have one of your W-50 adapters I havn't installed because my T-50 has not broken yet . But I do like the W-58 gearing better.......l

    My conclusion is since I already have the 2jzge flywheel on the 1jz engine(working fine with the w58), I can keep that setup with my w58 pressure plate, and continue to use my clutch that fits perfectly on the shaft and looks identical to my r154 clutch. Basically I know my w58 clutch setup will install on my r154.

  • as for the 1jz flywheel, u don't necessarily need it. u can use the 2jz fly. the only thing u'll need to do is to have the flywheel drilled and threaded for the bolt pattern of the r154 pressure plate (or not if you confirmed the w58 clutch is indeed able to be used). but for $223 dollars, why not get a new flywheel, unless u recently just got a new one...

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Tilton 1600 to w58 concentric clutch bearing adapter (.dxf)