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Bell Automotive 22-1-00440-8 Lighted Visor Mirror Model: 22-1-00440-8 Car/Vehicle Accessories/Parts

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  • If you need quality second hand vehicle parts for your Corolla, Hilux, Hiace or any other Toyota model, we can help. We have a large inventory of used Toyota parts which have all been checked for quality.

    The source country of the vehicle can have a large impact on pricing. Product from countries like India, Thailand and China, where labour is very poorly paid, are able to export vehicles and parts at a lower cost than Europe, Japan or even Korea.
    We are obviously not able to cover every make and model available in SA, but we have tried to include most of the volume sellers and in most cases if one model of a specific brand is reasonably priced, most of the others from that manufacturer will be equally reasonably priced. This occasionally varies when a vehicle is manufactured in a different country from the rest.

  • Winners here is the Tata Xenon with a parts basket total of R42,123, followed closely by the GWM Steed 5 and the Ford Ranger third. Here is a case of the country of origin having an impact on the cost of both vehicle and parts. Servicing prices are a neck-and- neck tussel between the top 2, - only R9 apart and third going to the Mazda BT50. Repair shows the same pattern Tata, GWM and Ford and crash parts Tata, GWM and Mazda.

    Vehicle Parts 4 You is your premium auto parts store. We hand select every product to ensure that only quality car tools, aftermarket parts, orignal used car parts, wheels and care car accessories are available. Our team of knowledgable car specialist know that you love your vehicle and want to ensure that it looks great, rides smooth and drives fast. Whatever tricked out car you want to drive, all you need is the right combination of used and aftermarket parts to get you there.

  • We have taken the guess work out of buying automobile parts. Everything you find on our website meets our personal quality standards. That means that you receive quality vehicle parts for your car. Take a look at our selection to get some of the best parts and accessories in the business.

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