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  • The valve cover gasket replacement on the earlier singel cam engines (M10 – 4cyl, M20 – 6cyl, M30 – 6-cyl) is quite a bit easier (less tedious). We do keep the gaskets in stock. Just go to the web site ( ), ID your year and model and then enter VALVE COVER into the search box.

    Tech Tips On How To Successfully Replace a Vw Valve Cover Gasket.
    Some people complain of a leaking Vw valve cover gasket shortly after the initial repair. Correctly installing a new Vw valve cover gasket so that it doesn't prematurely leak requires a little bit of extra work. Reliable Vw valve cover gasket repair requires proper replacement techniques. These videos illustrates the keys to successful Vw valve cover gasket replacement. The cleaning of the valve cover mating areas, proper application of RTV gasket compound, and the placement and torquing of the valve cover.

  • I’m planning to do a Valve cover replacement gasket on a 1997 e36 M44 BMW since there is an oil leakage on the right side of the cover and dripping on the engine headers and I’m getting this burn-rubber smell thru my A/C vents when starting up the engine at mornings. As I see Pelican sells only the main gasket with no Spark plugs seals

    This is a discussion on Valve Cover Gasket Replacement within the Drivetrain forums, part of the CJ Forums category; I am attepmting to replace my valve cover gasket. Facing the vehicle, on the passenger side there are four hex ...

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    Re: Valve cover gasket replacement

    If you need step by step instructions let me know.
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    Re: Valve cover gasket replacement

    Originally Posted by STL
    If you need step by step instructions let me know.
    not trying to thread jack, but step by step would be great stl, i know you have your 4.0 but what about the vulcan?
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    If you look at some of the supplementary pics for the valve cover gasket replacement job, you see the gasket on the cover has been slathered with a good amount of what looks like silicone rtv. Yet the procedure only mentions a few dabs according to oem specs... Are we to assume from the pics that using silicone over the entire mating surface should be tried with stubborn valve cover leaks?

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