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And, this tinted headlight cover set also boasts an aerodynamic shape for added style.

12 by 48 inches Self Adhesive 20% Dark Black Headlights, Tail Lights, Fog Lights Tint Vinyl Film

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  • An exciting new headlight and rear cluster tinting mesh that sticks to the outer surface of any light creating a factory finish dark smoke effect. Waterproof and durable so once applied it can be washed and treated like any other surface on your vehicle. There is no need to remove the light fitting. The film has excellent durability with great resistance to most road and weather conditions. It is manufactured to conform to most light contours and can be installed quickly and if needed removed with little or no adhesive residue.

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    Just curious why you would partially diminish the effectiveness of your lighting system by tinting the lights? What value is gained?

    He thinks it looks cool....... DUH ............ LOL

    lol. i drive a silver Eclipse. i have green neon underglow (i keep them off while driving) and matching neon green tribal/ biohazard seatcovers and steering wheel covers. the idea of green headlights sounded cool
    Yep, Eric, I have a dark blue F250 Superduty diesel with alloy wheels. I think I won't tint the headlights..

  • (Please note: Drivers should check with state regulations to determine the legality of tinting their headlights and tail lights. Tinting headlights and tail lights is intended for off road use only. )

    It takes about an hour to apply the tinted films to your vehicle and the high grade materials used by DeDona Tint and Sound will adhere to most vehicle makes and models. This cosmetic upgrade allows drivers to individualize their car to their liking, including film color. Contact us today for tail light tint or headlight tinting options and pricing.

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    Those are his HID's. Aparrently he had one HIR and one 9005, if you read his post above.

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    Think about it. You’re tooling down the road in your Prius, knowing full-well that this thing being green is as big a sham as federally mandated ethanol-enriched gas, Russia pulling out of Ukraine, and Obamacare.


    Does anyone have any items such as these installed and ever have any problems with the police? Tints headlights and tail lights are illegal. Smoked headlights and tail lights are legal if they're DOT approved

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If you are looking or a more sporty and stealthy look for your vehicle, you may want to consider the idea of tinted headlights. Tinted headlights give any vehicle a different and unique look so that it is not comparable to other models of the same kind. There are several ways to give your car the tinted headlight look. If you are debating weather or not you would want to do something such as this, you will want to get an idea of the different ways that make it possible.