Third Brake Light, Stop Lights for Truck with one color

Third Brake Light, Stop Lights for Truck with one color

Dorman OE Solutions 923-203 Chevrolet/GMC High Mounted Brake Light

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  • Often mounted in the trunk lid or rear window of an automobile, a third brake light is designed to easily be seen over the hood line of a following vehicle. Many automobile designers use light-emitting diode (LED) units to blend more subtly into the vehicle's body lines. Some early versions of the third brake light used full-sized brake lights molded high into the rear body sides of the vehicle. Mini-vans and sport compact utility vehicles (SUVs) are the most common users of this type of taillight configuration. In order to maintain a clean air flow line over the vehicle, many sports cars have the high brake light molded into the trailing edge of a rear air .

    If you want your vehicle to radiate elegance and style, there's no need to make any major modification to your rig. By installing it with Third Brake Lights, Cab Lights, and other lighting components, you can instantly boost your truck's appearance. But if you want to get the best-quality aftermarket parts and accessories, be sure to place your orders here at Stylintrucks.

  • If you're able to retain the engine's good shape despite its age, don't you think that keeping your vehicle's showroom appearance in spite of the wear and tear is child's play? Well, as a matter of fact, it is. With aftermarket components such as Third Brake Lights, Cab Lights, and more, it won't be difficult to infuse style and elegance to your old truck. Plus, seeing that these accessories are made with superior quality, you're guaranteed that they can give longer service.

    Now, if you think that getting the right component is very difficult, that won't be the case with custom third brake lights. As these parts are customized to your vehicle's exact settings, rest assured that they can directly replace your stock components. To top it off, installing them won't keep you stuck in your garage for hours.

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    Since they come with the necessary hardware and only requires simple hand tools, mounting them to your vehicle would be trouble-free. Whether it's the led third brake lights or cab lights, keeping the vehicle's good looks would surely be easy. And to guarantee that the parts you need would be delivered right at your doorstep, place your orders here at Stylintrucks.

LED Third Brake Light, Stop Lights

The third brake light, as it is commonly called, is a brake light that sits high above a vehicle's taillights. Designed to sit in the line of sight of drivers following a vehicle, the high brake light is intended to serve as a warning that a vehicle is slowing down. An increase in rear-end collisions worldwide was attributed to drivers following vehicles too closely in congested traffic areas, which prevented drivers from easily seeing the tail and braking lights of vehicles ahead of them. By placing the third brake light high in the rear of a vehicle, it was thought that drivers following too closely to see the tail lights could at least see this raised brake light. Subsequent testing reveals that the high brake light may be responsible for a reduction in rear-end collisions.