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I feel so lucky to have married an assertive woman! I could tell she enjoyed it but wasn’t much for. Mommy keeps her little boy in diapers and plastic pants 24/7. Wanting to be liked and afraid of being teased, ashley gives in and lets the girls put her in a pink princess diaper. Coffee-colored little bare thighs.

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The spanked and diapered wife. There was no need to be rude to the pharmacy clerks. On the way back home i asked her if she liked being daddy’s little girl and she said yes daddy i do. Twitched as her mom slowly rotated and wiggled her finger all around. Look as if they never came off. Years ago when i actually needed diapers. So i reached into one of the bags and stuck a pacifier in her mouth and said lovingly to stop crying. My wife acted like a spoiled little girl, so i think some diaper punishment should bring her down a peg.

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Allthow we do partake in kinky spanking i like prefer need want can’t find the word that explains it best so i will use them all. I have a question. He was forced to feed even as my friend cooed and consoled him.

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