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J&P Cycles® Red Coated 1157 Taillight Bulb | 3400480

SYLVANIA 3157 Long Life Miniature Bulb, (Pack of 2)

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  • Genuine BMW 12v - 21w (1156) Light Bulb; for use as a Back-Up Bulb, Brake Light Bulb, Fog Light Bulb, Taillight Bulb, Third Brake Light Bulb, or a Turn Signal Light Bulb---depending on your model's specific application.

    48 Volt 10 Watt / 5 Watt electric scooter and bike taillight bulb. Bulb is marked 56V (56 Volts) and is designed for 48 Volt electric scooters. Dual contact dual filament bulb. 15mm (approximately 9/16") wide base.

  • It’s a bright taillight…until you hit the brakes. Then, it flashes four times fast—pauses—three flashes a little slower—pauses—two more real slow, and it’s on full time as a stop light. The entire flash/pause sequence takes 4 seconds and repeats each time you re-apply the brakes. This complex pattern is commonly and intuitively recognized as a deceleration warning. The bulb’s reliable digital electronics are all contained inside the bulbs base. It uses a widely available, easily replaceable “G-4” halogen bulb. (An easy to carry extra is also included.) Fits standard 1157 dual filament brake/taillight bulb sockets. Legal disclaimer: May not be approved for use in all states.

  • 12V 5W Red Taillight Bulb
    12 Volt, 5 Watt red electric scooter and bike tail light bulb.
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    Item # BLB-125R

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