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EZGO 76419G01 Shock Absorber With Bumper For Medalist/TXT, Shuttle

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  • SHOCK ABSORBER BUMPER Filed Oct. 14, 1968 //VV/V 70k @mma cg a PM, W M ring A T 7'0 ave-Ks United States Patent O 3,506,295 SHOCK ABSORBER BUMPER Raymond W. Yancey, Libertyville, IlL, assignor to MSL Industries, Inc., a corporation of Minnesota Filed Oct. 14, 1968, Ser. No. 767,304 Int. Cl. B60r 19/04; B61f 19/04 US. Cl. 29370 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A bumper having impact absorbing characteristics, with the bumper including a sheet that is deformed to include spaced parallel ribbons having longitudinally spaced, alternating crests and troughs that are interconnected by webs having a m-ulti-planar torsional deformation. The impact absorbing sheet is preferably sandwiched between inner and outer members, with the impact absorbing sheet being connected to the inner member by means which allow the sheet to expand longitudinally during impact, and with the outer member being connected to the impact absorbing member by means that will readily shear during impact.

    4 The types of bumper fitted vary. In the USA and certain othercountries shock absorbing bumpers are mandatory. Where this isnot a legal requirement normal bolted-on types are fitted.5 This chapter does not go into the detail differences of the variousmodels but confines itself to those jobs which can be done by theowner.

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