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  • Both rear springs rusted through. Probably have been driving car with broken springs for a long time. definitely dangerous and ford probably knows of the problem but hopes to get away without having to fix it. They should be held accountable if someone gets killed as a result.

    Rear Coil Spring Set (CC81063) by MOOG®. 2 per Pack. Spring Type: Variable Rate. Bar Diameter: 0.484". Installation Height: 3.185". Free Height: 13.127". End Type 1: Pig Tail Ends. End Type 2: Pig Tail Ends. Upgrade your vehicle to MOOG coil springs that are designed to restore the original handling, reduce body sway and bring ride height to OE specifications. These coil springs ensure a seamless fit and reliable, consistent function even on uneven pavement.

  • I just bought this Explorer in August of 2011. I have never had this much trouble with a SUV. I had family member change the brakes on all 4 wheels as the were squealing. As he was changing the rear pads he noticed the spring was broken. I don't go off roading or anything like that, so how on earth could the rear spring break? I hate this SUV. I still owe a lot of money on this car.. I can't keep repairing daily!!

    Both rear springs broke - I couldn't believe it, less than 75,000 miles and they have been broken for some time judging from all the rust. I couldn't tell it from driving it, I mean it has always ridden like a truck more than a car. Goodyear found the problem when rotating tires for me. I decided to use after-market parts instead of Ford parts as I understand Ford has had many issues with springs. Clearly these parts are defective. Previously I had always gone to a Ford dealership for service, and probably still would have if the one close to me had not closed. I have to say I love my Explorer and mean to keep it a long time, but this was a huge surprise because I don't off-road with it.

    Rear Leaf Springs, Front Leaf Springs

    • ATS Standard Truck Leaf Springs Are Exact Match Replacement Of Original Truck Leaf Springs That Were Installed On The Vehicle By The Original Manufacturer.
    • Your Truck Leaf Springs Can Be Replaced With OEM Spec Truck Leaf Springs Or Additional Weight Capacity Truck Leaf Springs.
    • ATS Offers The Additional Weight Capacity Truck Leaf Spring As An HD Truck Leaf Spring.  
    • Longer U Bolts Are Also Available For The Heavy Duty Leaf Spring Install.  Go To Our U Bolt Category To Determine The Size You Need.  Any Custom U-Bolt Sizes Are Available As Per Your Measurements.
    • When Ordering Truck Leaf Springs Compare Weight Capacities On Our Leaf Spring Charts To Determine What Leaf Spring Would Best Fit Your Requirements.
    • Heavy Duty Truck Leaf Springs Provide Increased Weight Capacity And Improves Handling And Stability.
    • HD Suspension Parts, The Heavy Duty Ford Truck Leaf Spring , Heavy Duty Dodge Truck Leaf Spring and Heavy Duty Chevy Truck Leaf Spring, Are A Perfect Solution For The Commercial Truck And Van Hauler Who Needs The Additional Weight Capacity For Their Heavier Loads.
    • With ATS Heavy Duty Leaf Springs You Will Improve Handling and Ride Control And Increase GVW Capapcity.

  • ** New information:  Since this article was written, Eaton Detroit Spring, Inc. is supplying OEM rear leaf springs to the car restoration market. You can contact them and buy rear leaf springs with the original factory specifications for your BOSS 302.

    If you could read the prints or Ford Car Parts Book page below it would tell you the 1969 BOSS 302 Mustang rear leaf spring engineering part number is C9ZA-5556-S, the identification color code is 2 green and 2 brown stripes and the service part number is C9ZZ-5560-J. The 1970 BOSS 302 Mustang rear leaf spring engineering part number is D0ZA-5556-L, the identification color code is 2 green and 2 brown stripes and the service part number is D0ZZ-5560-C.

    *** Ford used 12 different springs in '69 and 7 in '70.

    The D0ZA-5781-A and C4ZA-5781-A bushings are essentially the same. Due to slight engineering changes, Ford assigns a new part number. (We have original drawings.)

    Spring load is the amount of weight required to bring the spring to a certain height, very rare is that height flat. Many times it is to a positive arch, however we see it to a negative arch also.

    When calculating Free Arch, Load/Rate, a "set" factor must be added. This "set" factor allows for the effects of shotpeening, settling and a few other things. Most times we use 1/4-inch for light springs and 1/2-inch for truck springs. BUT for Mustangs the correct "set" figure is 3/8-inch. So in the example shown above the correct Free Arch for the spring is 4-inches.

    The "one size will work for all" spring, 42-441 has a 135 lb. rate and will not work for all.

    Rear Lift Springs. These springs are similar to Chevy rears. They are made with our use, daily driving and rock crawling in mind and offer great ride and flex. These springs are sold separately and need mounting room of 63'' from eye to eye of spring hanger and shackle hanger. They will give you a bit more lift than used Chevy 63'' springs and you wont need a lift block. install: We mounted the rear spring hanger 11.5'' forward from the original hanger for 79-88 pu and 89 4 runners. Then the shackle hanger was mounted a total of 63'' from the hanger bolt center. Center to center. On 89 to 95 trucks the front spring hanger needs to be forward of the old hanger 10.5''.

Toyota Hilux LN106 Rear LEAF Springs Abbotsford QLD 4670 (Bundaberg)

Along with a chrome vanadium steel construction, these front coil springs have a powder coated finish. Powder coating is tougher than paint, resulting in a more durable product with superior corrosion protection. Tru-Coil street stock front coil springs feature a stealthy black color that looks like a stock spring, and performs like nothing else! They can be used with shims or weight jacks and come in various rates ranging from 925 to 1450. Varying rates allows a racer a greater range in their chassis setup. Spring rates are marked on the coil spring for easy identification. These street stock rear coil springs are ground flat on one end.