Positive planning prevents piss poor


The big apple: proper planning and preparation prevents piss poor performance (7 ps)

Personally, i took a daily multivitamin, b-vitamin complex, fish oil, magnesium and a probiotic, and i think it really helped. A lot of niggling physical and mental problems cleared right up after a few weeks of that and eating right, no boozing, plenty of water and sleeping better. I recall a story of where i thought i could skip the backup for a software upgrade, as i’d done the same software upgrade 100 times before with no problems. If, for example, you don’t ever consider the possibility that something bad could happen to you, you’ll fail to prepare for it adequately, and that failure could literally mean the difference between life and death.

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Positive planning prevents piss poor. For me, this ends up being things like: i’m asked to do something i don’t really want to do for good reasons but feel compelled to do for bad ones; i’m confronted by a stranger needing help; or i’m asked for money by a homeless person. You are commenting using your wordpress. I hope you find it useful. I don’t mind people having a drink but the emphasis is on getting wasted and it’s so alienating to me now. Educators and trainers in military or civilian situations find it useful to first introduce the phrase “the 7 ps”. Purpose, proper prior planning, passion, patience, persistence and perseverance prevent piss poor performance.

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Educators and trainers in the non military world find it useful. You can get a badge to share with everyone how long you’ve been free from alcohol.

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