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URO Parts TK 50 Ignition Point and Condenser Set

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  • Now that we know what the parts are and what they do, lets talk about replacing them. Replacing the points and condenser are very easy and you should always put in a new condenser with new points. I always took the old points and condenser and put them in a zip lock bag and kept them in my car. If I had a problem I always had a set that I knew would work and get me going again.

    When ignition switch turned on, switch contacts close and ignition circuit closes. When circuit closes, power from battery passes through ignition switch and through primary winding of ignition coil. Opposite end primary winding connected to points and condenser. Points assembly, secondary winding, spark plug all operate in exactly the same way as in magneto system. Only difference that battery energizes primary winding of coil. When ignition switch turned off, switch contacts open, flow of power from battery to primary winding stopped and, therefore, engine stops.

  • First remove the old points and condenser. Use a magnetic screwdriver to remove the screws. I think every mechanic has dropped those little screws inside the distributor at one time or another.

    In battery system, battery used to provide power to ignition coil instead of magneto. System, however, contains same type of switching components, either points and condenser or electronic switching components, and spark plug. Battery used in this type system is lead acid storage battery, similar to type used in automobile. Battery in small engine application generally much smaller. Battery may also power lights, horn, and other accessory circuits.

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    This new plate is stamped from original dies with no excess holes. The modern point sub assembly and condenser incorporates fixed pivot pin location for proper cam and rotor contact relations and reproducible point assembly replacement. It also features tungsten contact points and condenser constructed of modern materials and sealed against moisture for long life. The use of modern and standard components make replacement parts available at virtually any automotive parts supplier. The condenser has been relocated to shield it from engine heat effects. The package also features a 0.020 plastic feeler gauge for easy point adjustment, correct plating, and instructions for adjustment and use. This is the finest and most popular modern upper plate available. This is a genuine Nu-Rex part.

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There are two rules that should always be followed when adjusting or replacing points. The points and condenser are normally replaced as a set; when replacing the points, the condenser should also be replaced. If you change the point gap or dwell of the engine, you will affect the ignition timing. Therefore, if you adjust the points, you must also adjust the timing.