Pagets disease of anus

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Pathology outlines - paget disease

Cdx2 is considered specific for enterocytes and has been used for the diagnosis of primary and metastatic colonic adenocarcinoma. Sometimes abnormal cells on the inner surface layer of the anus look like cancer cells but have not grown into any of the deeper layers. Differentiation (paget’s cells), often associated with an underlying malignancy. To receive news and publication updates for case reports in surgery, enter your email address in the box below. Although the prognosis of paget’s disease alone is generally favorable, in cases complicated by anorectal carcinomas, the stage of the associated neoplasm is of primary importance. Of the perineal skin, and the actuarial local recurrence rate for patients treated with surgery was 40% within 5 years. We agree with their view that radiotherapy should be considered an acceptable alternative to surgery for.

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What is the treatment of extramammary paget disease?

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Pagets disease of anus. A complete blood count, biochemical profile, and chest radiograph were unremarkable. Up to 12% of patients with. Pruritus is the most common presenting symptom. Leukoplakia-like patches may develop in some patients. Nineteen months later, empd was found to be progressing again in the same area. ]) but negative for hmb-45 (which is positive in melanoma). History disease dated back march 2011, when, due to skin change followed by progressive pruritus, patient sought medical attention.


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Case report

Our patient is therefore atypical, the incidental paget’s disease in the anal skin first being disclosed on pathological examination of resected material. Darier and coulillaud [.

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