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Hustler g-3754 37-54 mhz monoband vertical antennas are full size 5/8 wave, 6 meter vertical a. Sourceone brings a customer base of 400,000; ram is bolstering its nationwide coverage. The board is not available as a replacement part! Can be a problem due to the higher input impedance on 160 meters vs. All those produced antennas, so it was an ideal complement to the current delivery range. If they can make contacts, especially dx ones, that’s all they seem to care about. Some models are admittedly better than others, but sooner or later dirt and moisture take their toll.

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Older hustler antennas. When properly installed, they assure that no moisture will seep into the coaxial connection. Screwdriver antennas dominate the remote controlled market, and for good reason. However, the alu saw found her space only in the double garage. Quality wise, remotely controlled antennas run the gamut from poor to excellent, and as stated above, price isn’t always an indicator.


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The radios will be incorporated into washington’s statewide apco trunked radio system. When wet really detunes the antenna.

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