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What Causes High Oil Pressure in a Car? What Causes High Oil Pressure in a Car?. Oil pressure is determined by the...

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  • There are a few different causes of high oil pressure. The most common cause is a bad pressure relief valve. This auto part is responsible for regulating the oil pressure in a car and preventing it from getting too high. Another possible cause of high oil pressure is a blockage in the oil delivery lines. There are many different components the oil passes through to lubricate the engine. Even the smallest blockage can cause high oil pressure. Lastly, a malfunctioning oil pump can restrict the flow of oil and cause oil pressure to increase.

    A car's oil pressure sending unit detects the amount of oil pressure in a car's engine and sends that information to the car's instrument panel. It allows the driver to monitor oil pressure and receive a warning of dangerous pressure levels.

  • An oil pressure sensor is a device that monitors the oil pressure in your car's engine. It's a fairly small piece of your system, but is one of the most important sensors in your vehicle. It will alert you if the oil pressure in your engine is , which will mean it is running out of oil. Running an engine with low oil pressure can cause significant damage and may total your engine and cost thousands of dollars in auto repair. But how will you know when an oil pressure sensor is just faulty and not reading accurately? Take a look at the symptoms of a faulty oil pressure sensor.

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