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  • Piston rods are connected to rotating crankshafts which are responsible for pushing the rods up and down. The bushings line the connecting point or hole in the steel piston rod and the polished steel shaft. This mechanical bushing is assisted by the lubricating action of engine oil in minimizing the friction of the rotating shaft.

    Sept. 6, 1955 P. FARNY ETAL LUBRICATION OF ENGINE VALVES BY FUEL LEAKAGE Filed Jan. 29, 1953 United States Patent LUBRICATION 0F ENGINE VALVES BY FUEL LEAKAGE Paul Farny, Ilvesheim, and Ernst Weidmann, Weinheim, Germany Application January 29, 1953, Serial No. 333,872 Claims priority, application Germany February 4, 1952 6 Claims. (Cl. 123--90) The invention deals with the lubrication of the valve stems in internal combustion engines, particularly in. valve-controlled diesel engines.

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