1611629 passenger side replacement tail light dorman tail lights

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Depo 330-1938R-UF Ford Escape/Escape Passenger Side Tail Light Unit, NSF Certified

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  • It is irritating when the goes out on your car. That little light needs to be working at all times, and it's not something most people want to take their cars to the mechanic to have fixed. Thankfully, drivers will find that aren't at all complicated to replace on the car. You need to find the correct type of tail light for the make and model of vehicle. There are just three types of tail lights to choose from, so this isn't a difficult task. Car owners will also need to take the time to gather the right tools for the job. A socket wrench and a couple of will do nicely. These items are already present in most people's tool kits. The tail lights or tail light assemblies needed for the car can be found at car part stores, mechanics, on manufacturer websites, and on the eBay Motors Lights Center.

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    I am no electrician, so I am not sure how the installation works. But I promise, this is one of the most reputable shop in my area (Toronto). So I do believe them, but I doubt them at the same time. I can't imagine they would have used any of the headlight or tail light related components for an install like that. I'm not an expert on these installs either, but I'd imagine it's a pretty simple design that simply adds a new remote receiver that sends the signal to the ignition. I'd assume it just needs a power source to power the receiver and the receiver is tied into the ignition. Using the lights as a power source doesn't make sense, so the only way they could have messed up your tail lights is if they simply made a mistake.

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