I squirted my sperm on my sisters panties


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Every time my cock went semi flacid i just smelled her sweet pussy and it gave me another full hard-on. Finally she stepped back. She bent over, knowing i was going to look, and gave me the sweetest shot of bare ass, with a white string disappearing into the crack of that sweet bare ass. I like all the things we’re doing.

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I squirted my sperm on my sisters panties. Her pussy was right in front of my face. I went straight to the shower. One time i went in there to try and do something. On a more earthy level, i had an almost irresistible urge to bury my spurting prick in her belly and make a baby in her. The two of them got together and decided that babies needed to be born about six or eight months apart, since that would mean that the un-pregnant one of them could help the pregnant one of them and they wouldn’t both be “great with child” at the same time. I pulled her down and latched onto one.


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Cum filled panties/sister

I to have great memories of jerking off in my sisters panties and getting caught. Then there was the period of their life that jill later characterized as her “debaucherization” by lori.

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