Did you ever wonder how the engine works? Let me explain it to you.

Kohler Engines: How Engines Work: Kohler Difference

Life's Engines: How Microbes Made Earth Habitable (Science Essentials)

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  • Sometimes, we forget to sit back and figure out what it all means. Add to that the fact that most SEOs were never trained, but just picked things up “on the job,” and it’s no surprise that most SEOs don’t really know how search engines work.

    "Developing the LS9 involved more than simply striving for a great horsepower number. Endurance and reliability testing have shown the engine to be robust and low-maintenance, just like other engines in the small-block family," said Sam Winegarden, executive director, engine engineering for GM Powertrain. "That it is distinguished as the most powerful engine ever from General Motors is a source of immense pride among everyone involved with the LS9."

  • While most search engine companies try to keep their processes a secret, their criteria for high spots on SERPs isn't a complete mystery. Search engines are successful only if they provide a user links to the best Web sites related to the user's search terms. If your site is the best skydiving resource on the Web, it benefits search engines to list the site high up on their SERPs. You just have to find a way to show search engines that your site belongs at the top of the heap. That's where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in -- it's a collection of techniques a webmaster can use to improve his or her site's SERP position.

    Very important in injecting fuel into the firing cylinder of diesel engines is the diesel injection pump. What you should know is that the spark plugs are not used to ignite the fuel, which is a different characteristic from the gasoline-powered engines. They rely entirely on the compressing of the diesel in the piston chamber to result in combustion. So, the diesel injection pumps are very important and must be built tough to create the compression value needed for the engine’s operation. Basically, the way how diesel engines work refer to the way the engines just pull in the air and start the combustion cycle. Diesel engines produce less power though than their turbocharged relatives.

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    When’s the last time you sat down and considered how search engines (like Google) really work? For me, it was last month, while writing about a recent Google Webmaster Hangout and the information about link disavowal that came out of it.

Automobile Engines by Charles Ofria

Today's engine is a collection of advanced parts and systems that provide the driving force to get you down the road. Modern electronics and materials may have made repairing engines more complicated, but the basic engine layout has not really changed over the years. Proper care and feeding of your engine will have it purring for many years. The best way to start learning about how your engine works, is to break down the engine in to parts, and explore each parts function.