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  • Learning how a car engine works can benefit you in numerous ways; such as providing you with the skills to perform your own routine car maintenance and the ability to repair your car in emergency situations. Learning how your car engine works can potentially save you lots of money as well, especially in terms of labor costs if an auto mechanic is required to work on your vehicle. To learn about car engines, you can use the Internet or books as resources, attend courses at a trade school or university, or work side-by-side with an experience auto mechanic or garage. Continue reading this article to learn about the many ways in which you can teach yourself about car engines.

    As the name itself suggests, a hybrid car should be a combination of something, right? Well, you are correct if you agree with me, for basically a hybrid car refers to a car which depends on the conventional gasoline engine plus an electrical driving aid for propulsion. Let us find out in this article why this is necessary and what advantages it has over a normal automobile, and to know the nitty-gritty of how does a hybrid car work?

  • To understand how a car engine works, picture a . The arms of the windmill are moved by the force of the wind. As the wind moves the arms, the windmill creates power that can be used to move heavy grinding stones or generate electricity.

    When teaching Driving Lessons in Wakefield and Dewsbury, I often get asked how the engine or other components work. This page should help to make sense of what’s going on under the bonnet.
    The process of how a car works is fairly simple, when you turn the key:
    The car battery powers up then
    Turns starter motor, which then
    Turns the crankshaft, which then
    Starts the pistons moving then
    With the pistons moving the petrol/diesel ignites and then ticks over
    Air gets drawn into the engine through an air filter
    The air filter removes dust from the air
    The clean air is drawn into a chamber where fuel is added
    This fuel and air mixture is stored in the chamber
    The driver presses the gas pedal
    The intake valve is opened
    The fuel and air mixture passes through the inlet manifold and is distributed, through inlet valves, into the cylinders.
    A camshaft controls the opening and closing of the valves.
    The distributor or engine management makes the spark plugs spark, which ignites the fuel-air mixture.
    The resulting explosion forces the piston down which in turn causes the crankshaft to rotate.

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    How a Car Engine Works

    Learn how a car engine works with this educational video.

    View a four-stroke internal combustion engine and see how its different parts such as pistons, valves and spark plugs work together to help get cars moving.


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