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  • If you want your motor to stand out from the crowd then check out these awesome modifying manuals. Haynes Extreme Manuals are full of colour photographs 30 Sep 2013 2001-06 20 A33215 4079 4079 Haynes Manual Vauxhall Corsa 21 80 A60300 4386 4386 Haynes Manual Extreme Land Rover Discovery

    Haynes Extreme Fiat Punto. The Fiat Punto is distinctively Italian with subtle design cues that set it … Extreme Manuals Haynes Extreme ICE Manual …
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  • Haynes Extreme ICE Manual
    By: Emmeline Willmott

    This manual shows how to achieve the ultimate in-car entertainment install, complete with earth-shaking sounds. It is packed with all sorts of useful tips and hints so that you can enjoy the many benefits of in-car entertainment on whatever scale you choose. Includes:

    Make the most of your car by finding out all the information you need to know with a Haynes Extreme Manual. We have manuals for different cars, such as the popular Honda Civic and for different uses such as modifying and customising so you can complete your bodywork with a helpful guide next to you at all times. At Euro Car Parts we also offer home delivery, click and collect and international delivery so there's guaranteed to be a way to get your manual to you. Shop the full range of Haynes Extreme Manuals today.

    Haynes Extreme Modifying Manual

    Haynes and Max Power have joined forces to produce a manual suitable for all car modifiers. We've cut, trimmed, sprayed and fitted everything from neons to coilovers. See how it's done and you'll have the confidence to do it yourself too. The money you save on garage bills can be spent on more kit - plus you get the satisfaction only a home-built ride can give....
    Hardback, 270 x 210mm, 208 pages, approx 1000 colour illustrations

Haynes Extreme Land Rover Discovery