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How to Get Race Car Sponsorships: Get and Keep those "Hard to Find" Race Car Sponsors! (Racers Edge Books) (Volume 13)

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  • Now Mattel just loves us collectors. They know we will do or pay anything for the hard to find cars. So to take our money they will put a very popular casting in the Holiday series. This means us "Ebayers" will buy every one that we can get our hands on and mark it up. If they dont have any popular castings then sometimes they throw in the "Chase" car. A good example of this was a green Phantasim Car from the Superman Series in 2013. That car got as high as $65 when it came out. It does make sense though. It is a "Chase" car of store exclusive series that usually the store only gets one stand up shipper of. So demand is very high.

    So to wrap this all up my advice is just ask. That is how I find most of my stuff I have been selling. If not, be prepared to pay. Sometimes those Hard to find cars may just take the money right from your pocket.

We all have that one car that is really hard to find