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  • The reliability and failure rate on Gel filled motorcycle batteries is horrendous, which is the main reason many major and OEM battery manufacturers have been developing maintenance free replacements for them!

    BikeMaster has been working with the factory on this technology for years, and in fact they developed the first gel motorcycle battery in the world in 2004. Since then, there has been a tremendous amount of research and development, with a lot of refinement to make these batteries function with the variability of motorcycle charging systems... After all, we are asking for the battery to live in very different worlds... Some motorcycles sit for months without use and this does its own damage to the battery. Others are asked to tolerate up to 14.7 volts (the highest output of the charging systems when the engine is turning high revolutions...) for extended periods. This means that the battery must be very tolerant of over charging, under charging, high temperatures, low temperatures, high frequency vibration, low frequency vibration, high G impacts (Off Road and ATV), and everything in between.

  • In a Gel battery, the electrolyte sulfuric acid is mixed into a gel form instead of liquid. Some of the the benefits of gel motorcycle batteries is that they are sealed to be leak free and maintenance free (no evaporation and no refilling), are vibration and impact resistant, won’t sulfate, and can be installed at an angle instead of sitting flat. They tend to also be lighter than traditional lead-acid motorcycle batteries, and more reliable too. Even if somehow the battery’s case got cracked or punctured, a gel battery won’t leak. The pictured here is a great example. Cost for a Gel motorcycle battery can range from about $25 to $200 depending on the bike.

    Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) motorcycle batteries are another type of sealed battery and often are high performing. These have glass fiber mats inside them that are saturated in the acid electrolyte. The mats act like a sponge inside the battery, so no leaks, no spills. Additionally, AGM motorcycle batteries tend to be a little lighter than a regular gel motorcycle battery, and even more durable. If you are looking for the best motorcycle battery without investing in the typically higher up-front cost of a lithium battery, then an AGM motorcycle battery is the way to go. Cost for an AGM motorcycle battery can range from about $25 to $170 depending on the bike.

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    Dynavolt MG12A-BS 12V 10Ah Gel motorcycle battery is suitable upgrade replacement for YT12A-BS, delivered fully activated filled with Gel requiring no acid filling

Charging Systems Batteries Dynavolt MG10ZS Gel Motorcycle Battery

The VARTA Funstart Gel motorcycle battery features unique leak-proof gel technology that is totally maintenance free. Designed for the harshest conditions and the most rugged terrain, it is perfectly suited to touring bikes and all-terrain vehicles.