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ACDelco 18FR1379 Professional Front Disc Brake Caliper Assembly without Pads (Friction Ready), Remanufactured

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  • Replacing the stock 914-4 front brake calipers with those from the BMW 320i is an inexpensive means of greatly improving the 914-4's braking performance. This Tech Tip covers the hows and whys of replacing the stock front brake calipers of the 914-4 with those from the BMW 320i. Included are the differences between the calipers, which calipers are needed, if and how they must be modified, and installation details. Part numbers are provided where applicable.

    I used my 1974 914-4 2.0 as a testbed for this brake system upgrade. Prior to conversion to the 320i front calipers it was equipped with all the brake upgrades mentioned above, plus it had new rear calipers and rebuilt front calipers. Apart from these brake system upgrades, the car's only major deviation from stock are the 195/50VR15 tires.

  • Front brake calipers from a BMW 320i can replace the 914-4's stock front calipers, resulting in greatly improved braking performance. This TechTip contains all the information required to do this conversion.

    In my opinion, falling short of upgrading the front calipers does not provide adequate braking performance for street use. Simple physics dictate that the rear calipers don't contribute much (a lot less than half, to be sure) to vehicle braking anyway. Hence the search for better front calipers. In order to keep costs down, I did not consider switching to 911 front struts, rotors and brakes (and wheels) a viable option.

    Brake Lines & Clips
    Brake Line Clip Flex Line to Bracket 43-635A-W023
    Front Caliper Hardline 93-95 Left 43-720A-FD01
    Front Caliper Hardline 93-95 Right 43-710A-FD01
    Front Caliper Hardline (4-Piston) 86-92 Left 43-720B-FB05
    Front Caliper Hardline (4-Piston) 86-92 Right 43-710B-FB05

  • Brembo's Racing Line-up and the Brembo Racing Calipers are the most highly regarded brake calipers available. Brembo front brake calipers, rear brake calipers, Brembo clutch (master and slave) & brake master cylinders (front and rear) and brake rotors are used by virtually all top teams in MotoGP, World Superbike, AMA Superbike and are trusted by winning riders like Valentino Rossi. When it comes to motorcycle brakes no other brand comes close to the quality and performance of Brembo.
    Brembo Monobloc Front Calipers and Brake Pads - Upgrading your calipers is the most effective way to increase braking power. Brembo Racing Calipers are the highest performing motorcycle brake caliper available for sale. All Brembo racing calipers feature billet machining and monobloc (single block of aluminum) design and have various piston sizes / configurations / designs. When choosing the proper front caliper, make sure you know the mount system for your bike (ie. radial vs. conventional) and be aware that you may need spacers to get the brake caliper to match your brake rotor size.

    Important Note: Brembo Racing Brake Calipers are designed for racing use and may require spacers to mount to your motorcycle brake system. Please contact our staff if you have any questions about the fitment / mounting of Brembo monobloc calipers for your bike.

    Chevy Corvette Rear Rotor (Rotor) Brakes 1965, D8-6 Front Caliper Kit by Wilwood®. Caliper Fitment: for 298.5mm (11.75") x 32mm (1.25") Rotor; Caliper Type: D8-6; Caliper Mount Type: Lug; Caliper Body Material: Aluminum; Caliper Piston Count: 6; Caliper Total Piston Area: 5.51 sq in; Pad Plate: D8; Include Flexline Kit. Brake calipers are an essential part of a disc brake wheel assembly that ensures precise deceleration by grabbing the rotors. These 6 piston aluminum calipers provide superior clamping power and excellent corrosion resistance. With this kit you get low-maintenance operation and high-temperature reliability for both everyday use and high performance applications.

Shimano 105 BR-5700 Front Caliper Brakes - Bike Rim Brakes

Upgrading to bigger front calipers on the 914-4 should bring tangible improvements in the car's braking performance. Larger piston calipers can provide more pressure against the pads, and bigger pads can provide more friction and better heat dissipation. Since the 914-4 stock calipers have only one fluid inlet, we'll restrict our search to similar calipers that have the 914-4's 3" caliper-bolt spacing.