Feels like something stretching vagina

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But a major problem, even gynecologists admit, is that doctors are not well trained to refer patients. With nowhere to go, the tissue expands the uterus and causes severe cramping pain during periods. Being penetrated feels great, and the more excited you are, the better it feels. It’s not the woman with the big ugly glasses or something silly like that, it could be anybody.


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See a gp or go to a sexual health clinic if:

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Feels like something stretching vagina. Luckily, pid is usually easily treated with antibiotics, so talk to your doctor if you think you may be experiencing this unpleasantness. During a change in pose or position, air trapped in these pockets can suddenly be released. This usually occurs from sexually transmitted bacteria like chlamydia or gonorrhea, although it can also happen from bacteria getting into you in other ways, like through the unclean insertion of. Aside from your doctor, no one else needs to know the about. ‘no gynaecologist has ever used this word,’ said the chicago-based associate professor of clinical obstetrics and gynaecology. But has no obvious source.

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I’m just describing the physiology. If you suspect this is your situation, see your doctor, who may refer you to a pelvic floor physical therapist to help relax the muscles.

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