Ever used a cucumber to masturbate

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If it means i don’t have to compromise my hefty meth addiction, i’m always going to pick my brother’s dowdy old rampant rabbit over one of those bespoke sex toys that women like barbara walters probably own. It is a great playmate for my hotttttttttttt lil pussy!!!!! I used to masterbate with banana/cucumber,but sometimes forgot to wash it. This shit got my pussy pounding. We got talking about different toys and she brought a cucumber into the living room, pulled up her night gown and started sliding it in and out. Even if he was you have nothing to be ashamed of or apologize for.


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Ever used a cucumber to masturbate. I’ve got to be honest. Then i take my cucumber and stick it in my pussy. And here is photographic. I have perfectly good sterile toys though, so no real need to. Use a knife and your own imagination/previous experience to fashion life-like ridges, veins, pee-hole, etc. So you can eat the cucumber afterwards. My wife now 42 has increased sexual desires now and at 49 i dont get proper hardness so i have started using cucumbers.


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Use coconut oil as lube

Note: anal sex can be done for 4-5 hours without getting enough of it. We aren’t all walters. As such, it, like all other sexually transmitted infections, is, as the name implies, transmitted during sex from one infected person to another.

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