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Billet Aluminum Engine Cap Sets - Chrome - Black Chrome

-One (1) engine oil cap
Stant 10081 Oil Filler Cap
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AmericanMuscle no longer carries the Shelby Engine Cap Kit (07-09 GT500). Please check out  for an updated selection.
Stant 10111 Oil Filler Cap
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Front Engine Cap Description:

Ford F3AZ-6766-B, Engine Oil Filler Cap

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  • Drake Muscle Cars 2010-11 Ford Mustang Engine Cap Sets are machined billet aluminum caps and handles with a clear anodized finish. Caps include stylish, stamped insert with carbon fiber pattern and raised letters.

    Scott Drake Enterprises 1964-73 Classic Ford Mustang Engine Cap sets are machined billet aluminum caps and handles with a clear anodized finish. Caps include stylish, stamped insert with carbon fiber patter and raised lettering.

  • Before today we had never heard of , but their new billet engine caps definitely caught our eye on , an S197 Mustang retail site. Project 321, based in Fresno, CA, makes various billet pieces for motorcycles ATVs to cars, and while their parts don’t come cheap, they look like some of the highest quality engine caps we’ve ever seen.

    These new engine main caps are a perfect solution for your high performance 5.7L or 6.1L HEMI engine build. Upgrading your main caps will prevent unwanted main cap walk at high RPMs, making them a must for any high horsepower supercharged Mopar application. Without strong main caps, like this set, metal transfer and friction may occur between the cap and block of the center of the bearings. Weak main caps with cap walk can cause problems ranging from bearing oil clearance problems to complete engine failure. Insist on the best caps on the market- Arrington Engine main caps and prevent HEMI engine cap walk before it starts. Each cap features an engraved Arrington Engines Logo and a directional arrow to ensure proper orientation. For convenience, each cap is numbered and has a threaded bolt hole for easy removal. Because each block is unique, each cap must be machined by a qualified engine shop.

    Fits The Following Bikes:

    Honda XR/CRF50F 2000-2013


    Front Engine Cap Description:

    Pro Circuit's Front Engine Cap is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, anodized red and hand polished for a true works look.


    C5 Corvette Executive Series Engine Caps

    The alloy artisans at Forge Motorsport in Gloucester seem to have an innate knack of making the most mundane of automotive components into miniature works of sculpture. The latest Golf Mk7 engine caps to come from their expertly machined CNC mills certainly look a lot nicer than any factory part ever did!

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This morning when looking under the hood I realized that the engine oil cap was not replaced and just instead just sat there wedge on top of the engine block. The mechanic that changed my oil about two weeks ago must have forgotten to screw it back on. Since the oil change I've driven the car about 2000 miles in hot and humid weather (southern US) since I purposedly changed the engine oil before my travel. So all those 2000 miles were driven without the oil cap on.

I checked the oil level and it's still above normal. I didn't notice anything strange or wrong with the engine, no engine light, no oil pressure light, or anything like that. There are some oil messes around the engine block and on the under side of the hood (which the mechanic promised to clean it tomorrow).

Should I worry about this doing any damage to the engine ? is there anything I should do to prevent further damage or should I just forget about it ?

The car is honda civic 04 with about 80K on it.