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Gregory: so the fact that hue, and there were people who were friends, night club owners, who said well, we can’t bring him in because of this, weigh can’t bring him in because of that. And by the way, hitler was a vegetarian, for all you vegetarians out there who think that’s all it takes to be nice. What it was that my mother had always taught us, we’re not poor, we’re just busted. Your heart pumps blood to every spot in your body. Gregory: right, yes.

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Dick gregorys wake up call to black people about jesus & christianity is epicEye on faith: dick gregory:  keeping the faith

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Dick gregory on american christians | hidden cause, visible effects(video) dick gregory was asked why he hates christianity and he dropped these truths | urban intellectuals

Dick gregory and religion. And so consequently, i had no idea when i was going into mississippi 45 years ago that i knew i would die. I was looking around trying to see who you was talking about. And i had adhd as well. His regular appearances on television included the jack paar and mike douglas shows which made him one of the best known blacks in america. Cavanaugh: thank you very much, gregory. But what really separates dick gregory’s career from anything our celebrity culture has ever seen, is his deep and unwavering commitment to speaking his truth to power.

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Gregory on brainwashing tactics of christianity in america

Gregory: they’re eating one thing, they don’t sit down and sit down and say i have to have seven course, right? and you go — and so when you stop and think about raw and you — let’s say you go in a restaurant for lurch and get a fruit salad, that fruit salad has lost 80 percent of its strength if they don’t make it right in front you. And maybe they didn’t know all my life, i heard people say love your am in.