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Top 10 Car Security Start System to buy

DashCam Pro, the Security Camera System for Your Car

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  • At Cartronix, we offer multiple options to control your remote car starter system. 1-way and 2-way keychain transmitters that fit easily in your pocket are standard with many systems. The benefit of a 2-way transmitter is that you get confirmation of the doors locking (or unlocking), the vehicle starting and many other elements of the remote car starter operation. 2-way transmitters function from as far as a mile away in ideal conditions, certainly enough for your home or office. If your vehicle already has a key fob for factory-installed keyless entry, we can conveniently combine functionality so you need only carry one remote to operate everything. Simple and easy operation, yet very functional; this is the Cartronix advantage.

    An optional GPS-enabled transceiver provides control of the remote car starter system through your Apple® or Android™-based smartphone from anywhere in the world wherever you (and the vehicle) have a cellular signal. You can start your car or use the GPS location feature to provide the vehicle’s location on a map so you know if the vehicle has been moved or driven outside a pre-determined area. Using a smartphone to control your remote car starter is a great feature to monitor status and location for those who frequently travel or have extended periods away from their vehicle.

  • Many of the remote car starter systems we offer at Cartronix have onboard security features that perfectly suit vehicles lacking comprehensive security coverage, both from the vehicle being stolen and from valuables taken from within. Visit our page for more information on the wide range of possibilities for vehicle security. When you visit us, ask our remote starter experts about the combined remote starter and security features for your vehicle.

    Car lovers give great reviews to the system from Compustar. This app works with smartphones, which is convenient for drivers who already own the right technology. Unlike some other car remote starter systems, the Drone requires users to buy the app and then pay a fee each year thereafter. The Drone from Compustar works with iPhones, Android phones, or Blackberry devices. In addition to starting the car, this unit allows the user to track the car's location from their phone or from a computer. The phone can remotely lock or unlock the car, as well as start the car, as long as both the car and phone are within data coverage area. This remote also operates car seats and other auxiliary items in the car.

  • Tired of paying your little grandson to keep you safe from the Mafia assassins? That’s one reason for a Ready Remote 24926 Deluxe Remote Car Start System. But the most important? It’ll be way cool.

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A Ready Remote 24926 Deluxe Remote Car Start System will hook up easily to your car, and maybe your tractor or go-cart as well, allowing you to start the vehicle from up to one thousand feet away. This means you no longer have to search for your keys, and can instead spend that time searching for the included keychain remote controls. And won’t that be easier?