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4 Pack Upgrade 2" Blind Spot Mirrors, Ampper 360° Rotate + 30° Sway Adjustabe HD Glass Convex Wide Angle Rear View Car and Motorcycle Universal Fit Stick-On Lens

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  • As a driver you sometimes wish you had eyes in the back of your head so that you can see everything going on on the road around you. While that's not possible a car mirror is the next best thing, helping you to reverse your car into parking spaces and to see if anything is coming up behind you before you change lanes. As an exposed part of the vehicle a car mirror can get knocked off or damaged in accidents, but they can be easily replaced. At Euro Car Parts we keep a vast array of mirrors in stock for all makes, models and styles

    NOT THE SAME AS SEEN IN THE PICTURE!!! Very bulky (thick) item for what goes on your car mirror. I saw another item that looked bulky and chose this one over the other cos of the image. Was very displeasing to see that it did not resemble the image. PS: Shopclues do not have a minimum limit of 200 character. Im typing more only cos of this stupid limit.

  • The mirror unit is auto-dimming and, being a bit darker then classic car mirrors, takes a couple of kilometers to perfectly get used to it, but, once you get used to it, it helps night driving by automatically filtering the strong back lighting from cars in your back. The right side of the mirror hosts a 2.7in LCD which displays the video being recorded and some recording related information such as video length, current time, recording status and so on … The LCD can be turned off and the entire mirror real estate can be used to monitor back-coming traffic.

    The dashcam is dissimulated in a windshield mirror that clips over your existing interior car mirror. The attachment system is very simple and is powered by two mobile hooks secured by an internal coil to keep the cam safe. Simply pull the two levers, attach the unit to the mirror and you’re ready to go.

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  • Driver side mirror and passenger side mirror replacements give car drivers the important ability to see what is going on behind them on the road. Drivers are able to access a variety of different mirrors for this purpose. These include automatic dimming review mirrors, power mirrors, wide-angle mirrors, side mirrors, and truck towing mirrors.

    Technology, advancing at the rate that it is, enables these mirrors to serve more than one purpose today. One such feature is automatic dimming capability. These will dim automatically when bright lights are shone on them. This means no more suffering from bright lights being shone from behind.

    Specialized mirrors are for specialized vehicles such as SUVs, wide trucks and minivans. It is difficult to see when backing up these large vehicles, the side view mirrors help in a big way. Wide-angle kinds make the process of reversing a whole lot easier. This helps to reduce blind spots significantly. Trucks that tow cars will need special mirrors for this purpose. This helps to see beyond the vehicle that is being towed. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes as to be customized to specific vehicles. Sadly though, due to their positioning, these car mirrors are very easily damaged.

CIPA® 15000 - Euro Sport Car Mirror

Drivers' Side Mirror
The drivers' side car mirror is a very basic optical mirror intended to provide drivers with an easy side view of the cars behind and to the side of their car. The mirror is neither convex, nor concave, and is generally very accurate as far as relating the distance and size of cars in the mirror and their current distance to the automobile.