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Angela Murray says the street soot deposited from car exhausts contains enough of the precious metal to justify its collection and processing.

Universal Fits Slant Burnt Car Stainless Steel EXHAUST Tail Muffler Tip Pipe Fit Pipe Diameter 1 1/2" TO 2 1/2"

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  • Contrary to what most people believe, car exhausts are not just the pipes that protrude from the rear. The exhaust system consists of engine parts through which waste gases are produced. Then, there are the group of pipes that act as a bridge between the silencer and the engine. The silencer is an important part of car exhausts. It contains a number of holes which help to reduce the pressure of exhaust gases rushing out through the pipes. The silencer, true to its name, reduces noise levels because it contains reflectors that deflect the sound of the engine. Lastly, the tailpipe stretches out from the back fender of the car. These exhaust pipes perform an important function since they guide fumes to their proper outlet behind the car.

    How to choose car exhausts:
    Are bigger pipes better? In a word, no. Big pipes defeat good speed. But, if the pipes are too small, flow will be constricted resulting in loss of power. However, between the two evils, having pipes that are a little small is better than pipes that are too large, particularly when the car is driven in cities.

  • Car exhausts generally have a long life period. However, the exact time and performance of your car exhaust depends on how much you travel and how well you maintain your exhaust. Short trips can lead to the corrosion of the exhaust.

    Car exhaust systems are important, more important than what most people believe. I mean, c’mon, think of it this way – what would happen to any system that is clogged with waste and dirt? So, a faulty exhaust is a disaster in the making. It will eat away into the health of your car, and in the end, it might even make you and your co-passengers sick. Not to mention the amount of dirt and pollution it will spew into the air. For excellent output, optimum engine performance and complete riding pleasure, it is important to take care of .

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    The smoke from wood-burning stoves is also believed to pose a more immediate threat to human health and has been compared to breathing in emissions from a car exhaust, research has

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