The Clean Air Task Force (CATF) compiled a fact sheet about dangerous health effects of diesel exhaust. ... Car exhaust lingers in...

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  • An engine does not really burn gasoline under ideal conditions. Each piston performs a power stroke hundreds of times per minute, so there is very little time in each ignition cycle for the fuel to burn. Atmospheric nitrogen is burned with the fuel-air mixture, and gasoline usually contains impurities such as sulfur. This results in a more complex chemistry for the car exhaust. Car exhaust usually contains carbon dioxide, water, carbon monoxide, and various nitrogen or sulfur oxides. The first two components are harmless. The last two can cause serious problems.

    The pollutants in car exhaust, carbon monoxide and nitrogen and sulfur oxides, impact us in different ways. Carbon monoxide gas is what makes car exhaust so dangerous. Even if it's inhaled in moderate doses it can cause death. Nitrogen and sulfur oxides combine with other gasses in the atmosphere to form acid rain.

  • Your exhaust is an important part of your vehicle because it ensures a healthy environment for you, your passengers and the people around you because it diverts potentially harmful gases (such as carbon monoxide) away from the cabin. What’s more, your car exhaust maintains a low noise when running and encourages greater fuel efficiency so your car costs less to run.

    Main problem of ventilating system of garages and parking places is it’s accumulation of toxic substances which produced while cars engines are started. In consequence cars exhaustion concentrating inside a tunnel and around of air wells, through which occurs release of polluted air. Most polluted exhaustion produced in engine starting and heating time, when cars are in garage and parking places.

    Name of car exhaustion toxic compound Chemical formula Amount in exhaustion of one car in mg/h
    Carbon oxide CO 100000
    Aldehydes (total) CH2O (formaldehyde)
    CH2-CH-CHO (acrolein)
    Soot (carbon) C 10000
    Simple structure hydrocarbons(total) CH, CH4, C3H6 идр. etc 30000
    Benzapyrene C20H12 3000

  • Car exhaust systems are important, more important than what most people believe. I mean, c’mon, think of it this way – what would happen to any system that is clogged with waste and dirt? So, a faulty exhaust is a disaster in the making. It will eat away into the health of your car, and in the end, it might even make you and your co-passengers sick. Not to mention the amount of dirt and pollution it will spew into the air. For excellent output, optimum engine performance and complete riding pleasure, it is important to take care of .

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