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Brembo 25534 Front Disc Brake Rotor

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  • Brembo offers its OE Replacement Rotors with the same levels of quality, technology and performance that have earned it Dodge Viper, Ferrari, Ford Mustang Cobra and Mercedes-Benz OEM fitments. All Brembo OE Replacement Rotors are manufactured under QS-9000 and ISO 9001 certifications to ensure the highest level of quality. Brembo brake rotors offer applications for most every automobile — domestic to import, compact car to luxury SUV.

    Today, we’re looking at the front brake rotors on our ’08 Audi TT project car. The stock parts were becoming slightly worn, so we decided to replace them with Brembo Sport rotors. They offer superior metal construction as well as cross-drilling for improved pad bite. The drilling also happens to look far better than stock, giving it the knock-out punch.

  • The addition of these rotors offers an incredible reduction of unsprung and rotational weight. Each rotor weighs only 22.6lbs compare to the stock rotor of 25.5lbs saving you 3lbs per corner! The fully floating hardware allows the disks to seek a true center line for improved pedal feel and modulation in racing or hard driving conditions. With the quality of these Brembo rotors, it is virtually impossible to warp the rotors and gives even pad wear and rotor wear. Overall, these disks will last longer then the OEM units while giving premier braking performance.

    The hats and rotors utilize the Patented McLaren floating hardware as pictured. The exclusive purpose of Brembo’s McLaren hardware is to mimic the function of a full floating disc while minimizing the noise that can become a nuisance on the street. While the McLaren hardware does an excellent job of completely reducing this noise, it would have been pointless to waste all of this engineering, testing, and effort on just one function when the full floating rotor serves many other important functions on its own. For the McLaren design, “anti-rattle” is only one of the functions. The hardware must be able to minimize the noise while still allowing the disc to properly float and achieve every additional benefit of a floating disc. The Brembo rotors are 100% Brembo made. These come directly from the Brembo factories with the utmost attention to detail, quality control, and R&D. No outsourcing or collaboration parts are done, so you can continually trust the Brembo brand.

    The installation went very smoothly.

    I disconnected and plugged the stock brake lines, removed the two 16mm bolts attaching each caliper to the steering knuckle, and simply lifted the entire assembly off.  The rotor was held in place by a 6mm allen retaining screw and plenty of corrosion.  I needed to whack the rotor a few times with a dead-blow, hammer before it would come off.

    The Brembo caliper adapter attached with the same bolts used to hold the stock brakes.  I used a wire brush attachment on a drill to clean the rust off the hub before installing the Brembo rotor.  The rotor backing plate did not need to be trimmed or bent. The caliper bolted to the adapter and then I attached the stainless braided Teflon line at both ends.  Finally, I bled the brakes, using the technique described here: How To Bleed Brakes.  A few whacks on the caliper with a rubber mallet helped break loose any bubbles trapped inside.

    Below are a few shots to admire before we put the wheel back on:


    The Brembo rotors are gigantic at 380mm (15") x 34mm.  However, they are only 1 pound heavier than the stock 332mm x 30mm rotors on the 3.0 and 4.4i X5. This is because the Brembo rotors are 2-piece with "floating" aluminum hats whereas the stock rotors are 1-piece and made of iron. 

    The 4.6i X5 has much heavier 356mm x 36mm 1-piece rotors and the weight savings of the Brembo kit is significant.

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Brembo Rotor Kit w/ Sintered Pads '77-'84

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