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RAM MOUNTING SYSTEMS RAM Mount Motorcycle Brake/Clutch Cover w/1" Ball / RAM-B-345U /

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  • Our routine brake repair includes a thorough inspection of all brake system components, brake pads, brake rotors, brake calipers, brake wheel cylinders, brake hoses and brake lines. No shortcuts here because every component is equally important to your braking safety.

    Brake Parts Inc (BPI) is committed to leading the global automotive aftermarket as the premier manufacturer and supplier of brake system components. The company’s primary focus is the growth and profitability of its customers through a collaborative platform of quality, innovation, dedication and integrity. BPI has a demonstrated commitment to research, development and testing of its entire product offering, including friction, rotors, drums, calipers and hydraulic products, ensuring that they meet or exceed original equipment fit, form and function requirements.

  • Today, brake fluid is accurately tested to determine whether it needs to be replaced. The most common issues stem from dissolved copper levels and depleted additive package. The level of dissolved copper in brake fluid indicates the health of the brake fluid's additive package. When the additive package is depleted in your brake fluid, the internal brake system components can become corroded and even have sludge build up.

    When you need quality, reliability, innovation and performance, depend on Bendix. We’re the preferred OEM supplier of comprehensive air brake systems and components. No one understands the intricacies like we do.

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    The emergency brake system performs two operations, it helps hold the car when parked on a hill, plus it can help stop the vehicle if the conventional brake system has failed. Check emergency brake periodically to ensure proper operation as part of a normal brake service regiment.Brake System Components

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Brake fade is a condition that occurs when the brakes on the vehicle stop working even though there is good pedal and no obvious problems with the brake system. This condition presents itself when the brake system is overheated. When friction is applied to a rotating mass (brake rotor or drum) the kinetic energy is transferred into heat, when the brake rotor is overheated it cannot absorb any additional heat which inhibits performance. This will cause the brakes to fail no matter how hard the brake pedal is applied. This condition can occur when braking down long grades and in high performance applications, where repeated acceleration and braking occurs over a short period of time.Keep a vehicles brake system serviced every 15,000 to 25,000 miles. Inspect brake fluid, master cylinder, pads, flex hoses and shoes for fluid leaks. When replacing brake system components always use top quality OEM (original equipment manufacturer) brake parts. Many inexpensive brake parts may squeak, grumble and need replacement sooner.