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  • The auto parts junkyard – Columbus, Ohio provider to trust is Buckeye Auto Parts. We are the experts for recycling the "old clunker" piece by piece for many valuable components. Turning to us when selling your used car is a wise decision. It saves everyone money, provides materials for manufacturing and helps keep our planet clean.

    The automobile is the most recyclable commodity on the planet, because so much of it can be re-used. The parts are the original intention of the manufacturer of the car. Although they are previously owned, they must pass rigorous safety and performance standards before they are sold again. Buckeye Auto Parts is the auto parts junkyard – Columbus, Ohio experts to trust. We are the sound choice for a salvage yard – Columbus, Ohio option.

  • Why is it important that at the automotive recycling junkyard you use for parts is green? Mail Scanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from a source claiming to be “”, sayingthere are about 1.2 trillion barrels of oil left in the world. When you consider it takes as many as , it becomes obvious that conservation matters more now than ever. Your salvage yard – Columbus, Ohio team may be your best bet in achieving that goal. Give Buckeye Auto Parts a call today!

    Our 4-acre Chevy auto parts junkyard holds thousands of hard-to-find exterior Chevrolet auto parts, interior Chevy auto parts, as well as classic Chevy accessories, glass, trim accents, and much more.

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Some people think of an auto junkyard as an eyesore – something to be out of sight and out of mind, but today's auto junkyard is actually a friend of the environment and recycling. Most junk cars that end up in an auto junkyard are either sold at auction or sold for scrap.