Aspiration penetration scale

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Penetration-aspiration scale

Clinical and scientific uses of the scale are discussed. Middleton memorial veterans hospital and the university of wisconsin clinical science center. Health care connect, co-located with schools connect and private practice connect, is designed specifically for clinicians in health care settings. He will then lead a hands-on learning lab in which participants review examples of different pa scores and practice using the scale to assess videofluoroscopic data. Generate a file for use with external citation management software.


(pdf) a penetration-aspiration scale

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Aspiration penetration scale. Scores are determined primarily by the depth to which material passes in the airway and by whether or not material entering the airway is expelled. The development and use of an 8-point, equalappearing interval scale to describe, penetration and aspiration events are described. This work was performed at the william s. The ncbi web site requires javascript to function.



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Intra-and interjudge reliability have been established. Attendees may attend sessions at any of the three conferences. Investigators sought to standardize the descriptions of how swallowed contrast invades the airway during videofluoroscopic studies.