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Freuds stages of psychosexual development

The child now is in a triangular situation which poses a horrible dilemma for him. Deeper analysis of the concept of oedipus complex would indicate that it has a biological foundation. Fixation refers to the theoretical notion that a portion of the individual’s libido has been permanently ‘invested’ in a particular stage of his development. Therefore he is in a conflict and dilemma, love of the mother or loss of his organ. The child as a result of threat and punishment controls his id desires and interjects the parental function.

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Freuds theory of psychosexual developmentEffects of fixation on personality of a child

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Anal fixation adult. Through this process the oedipus complex is established in the male child. On the other hand, they may also fight these urges and develop pessimism and aggression toward others. Get the unbiased info you need to find the right school. This oral fixation can manifest itself in a number of ways. (sexual energy) and that all pleasure came from its discharge. But its persistence is pathological. The home environment and the attitude of the parents shape the personality pattern of the child in the phallic stage.

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This stage is important in the development of social and communication skills and self-confidence. This person is psychologically well-adjusted and balanced. When the oedipus complex is fully formed, the child develops strong ambivalence tendency towards his parents.

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